A gift can be ANYTHING you buy or DO for the one you love. Just because a gift is expensive doesn’t mean it’s thoughtful. Last night I felt like spoiling my wife, but I wanted to do something different than buying her another gift before Christmas. I decided to surprise her with a dinner. Until yesterday she had never had Rack of Lamb, and as someone who puts up with me, lets just say she deserves it. To say she enjoyed the meal would be understating it, and not because the food was delicious (it was). What impacted her the most was I made a conscious decision to try and surprise her. The thought that I left work after a long day and went to Whole Foods (literally my first time) just to get ingredients overwhelmed her. The power of thought behind a gesture is what really makes a gift great. So if you have any person in your life who you think deserves a gift, regardless of money, find a way to surprise them!

           For those who wonder what I made, garlic encrusted Rack of Lamb, sauteed Asparagus and Onions, and Homemade Potato Chips. Dad always told me a way to a woman’s heart is through food, he was right!

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